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Thanks to funding through the USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP), Georgia Pecans have an opportunity to explore new markets through partnership with Georgia’s Department of Agriculture and the Southern U.S. Trade Association (SUSTA). Together, we can find new markets for Georgia Pecans and relationships across the globe!


Partner with SUSTA!

What is SUSTA?

The Southern United States Trade Association is a USDA-funded non-profit with a mission of helping Southern U.S. agri-businesses promote their products internationally.

SUSTA Programs:

CostShare: SUSTA reimburses eligible companies 50% of some international promotional costs, such as advertising (social media included), in-store displays, modifying packaging/labels to meet foreign government requirements…and more. 

Global Events: Typically, SUSTA offers trade shows and trade missions where producers can meet potential foreign buyers in person, but with travel limited at this time, we have valuable virtual alternatives to meet buyers without ever leaving home. To see all of SUSTA’s Global Events, go to our events page.


China - Ecommerce

Through partnership with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Georgia Grown Division and Georgia’s Ag. Commodity Commission for Pecans, Georgia Grown Pecans have been able to promote the sales Georgia pecan retail products direct to Chinese consumers! Chinese consumers highly value products made in the USA and love Georgia pecans! Logistics and procedures have become streamlined to make the process easier for participating companies to get their products direct to the consumers doorsteps in China with the help of our contracting team on the ground in China. Our contracting team has been phenomenal to work with and continues to help raise awareness of Georgia Grown Pecans through in-store promotions and several social media platforms.

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Please give the GPGA office a call if you are interested in sharing your Georgia Grown retail product online!



Trade Missions

More Details Coming Soon.


Hudson Pecan Company, in Ocilla, GA showcased all aspects of the Georgia Pecan family farm.
Sunnyland Farms provided an in-depth tour of their cleaning, shelling and candying facility located outside of Albany, GA.
Easterlin Pecan Company toured the Taiwanese importers through their facility, instructing them on the many varieties of Georgia pecans, and how they grade and sort as an accumulator.


Through a great partnership with company EAT Y’ALL and SUSTA, Georgia Pecans was able to participate in an Outbound Trade Mission to Delhi, India in September of 2019 with great success! The Outbound mission trip has since turned into a return trip, bringing the Indian participants to Georgia in 2020-2021 to tour Georgia Pecan Orchards and visit the roots of Georgia Grown Pecans. Please contact Samantha McLeod if you are interested in more information, samantha@georgiapecan.org.

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association is to encourage research, education, health benefits and promotion of all phases of production and marketing in the interest of our Pecan Growers in the increasing global market. Recognizing the contribution to the pecan industry made by other pecan organizations the Georgia Pecan Growers shall aid these organizations in every way possible.

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