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The National Pecan Federation's 'Political Action Committee'

What does NPF do?
The NPF advocates for the pecan industry in Washington, D.C. Advocacy can take various forms and often begins with the education of key people about the industry’s concerns, and, depending on the issue, might involve partnering with other specialty crop producers, working with state departments of agriculture, or with other industry participants. A well-funded PAC is essential to ensuring that the voice of the Pecan Industry is heard.

What has NPF/PECAN PAC accomplished?

  1. Lowered India tariffs on U.S. Pecan exports
  2. $146 per acre tariff mitigation paid to growers
  3. Millions paid to growers to offset hurricane damage
  4. Research and Promotion authority to assess imported pecans expected to generate $4,000,000 in additional marketing and research funding.
  5. $8,500,000 funding for cracking and pasteurization research
  6. $8,500,000 funding for pecan breeding research
  7. Pecan Crop Insurance reforms
  8. Pecan Participation in COVID-19 economic stimulus programs
  9. USDA pecan purchases for feeding programs

What are NPF/PECAN PAC’s current priorities?

  1. Improvements to Federal Pecan Crop Insurance and Tree Loss Insurance
  2. Processing and breeding research continued funding
  3. Positioning the industry to benefit from the Biden Administration’s carbon sequestration initiatives

To have a successful advocacy program, the pecan industry must have a political action committee. The Pecan PAC can accept contributions from individuals, partnerships, or LLCs. Contributions are limited to $5000 per year. Please send contributions to:

313 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002

Support the Pecan PAC

Natural Disaster Resources

Has your agricultural operation been impacted by a hurricane? Please click the link below provided by USDA. USDA is here to help you prepare for and recover from hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tropical Depressions, etc. Click the link below:

For Hurricane and other Natural Disaster Preparedness, please click the link below to review the pre-recorded webinar:

Grower Specialty Services

The Pecan Services Guide List will be the best place to look for pecan resources! We have companies who provide everything from custom harvesting to packaging the final product and everything in between. If your company is involved in the pecan industry, you want to be listed on our Pecan Resource page. Sign up today to get your service on the list.

If interested, please download the Pecan Service Form below, fill it out, then email it back to

Step 1. Download the Pecan Service Form HERE, fill it out, and save the completed form.

Step 2. Return the form via email to:

2021 Conference Presentations

Please enjoy our 2021 Annual Conference and Trade Show for your viewing at any time! We would like to extend appreciation to all of our dedicated sponsors and attendees for your unremitting support through this unprecedented time. Our conference would not have been possible without you all!

Educational Resources

2024 Jack Thompson Scholarship Application


The Georgia Pecan Growers Association is pleased to announce the 9th Annual Scholarship Award in memory of Jack Thompson. Thompson was a leader in the pecan industry for more than 30 years, who worked tirelessly to promote and advance pecans. Since it launched, the scholarship has assisted 20 students in their college pursuits.

GPGA will award up to two (2) scholarships in the amount of $500 for the 2024 Academic Year to deserving upcoming and/or current college students.

The award is open to both rising high school seniors, as well as currently enrolled college students. (Verification of enrollment will be a pre-requisite for receiving funds.)

Georgia Pecan Expert Advice

UGA Pecan Extension Blog

Lenny Wells, UGA, Pecan Specialist

Southeast Georgia Pecan Update

Andrew Sawyer, UGA, Pecan Specialist
July 2024

UGA Pecan Radio Update

Andrew Sawyer, UGA, Pecan Specialist
Listen Now - February 2024

Handling and Storage

Proper storage of pecans preserves the quality and maintains the natural flavor and aroma of the nuts. Pecans should be stored in airtight containers, such as sealed plastic bags, at low temperatures to extend storage life.

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