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Let Georgia provide the very best pecans and pecan products for you! Georgia growers can ship products to meet any need in the food service or retail industry. Suppliers can also cater to specialty needs such as kosher and organic. We want to help bring the best pecans to your consumers!
E - Export • R - Retail • I - In-Shell • M - Meats/Kernels • O - Organic • K - Kosher • F - Fundraising

Where to Buy Georgia Pecans Map

All the Fixin’s Pecans (R)
Janna Tucker
502 5th Ave Suite B Twin City Ga 30471

Calway Foods, Inc (E, I)
Jack Huang
2005 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 134
Santa Clara, California 95050
Fax: 408-496-6688

Carter Pecan (ARNCO Inc.) (E, I, M, O)
Contact: Jonathan Arn
248 West Doublegate Dr
Albany, Georgia 31721
Cell: 334-799-0215

Clough Pecan Company
Contact: Chris Clough
3417 Highway 84 W
Blackshear, GA 31516
Office: 912-449-4585
Cell: 912-288-1947

Dix Pecan Farms (I,R)
Alex Dix
327 Old Whitley Crossing
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Double Q Pecans (R)
Contact: Tom Clevland
10440 Hwy 341 S
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Durden Pecan Company (E, R, I, M)
Contact: Kyle Durrence
2771 D.L. Durrance Road
Reidsville, Georgia 30453
Cell: 912-685-5534

Easterlin Pecan Co. Inc. (E, I)
Contact: J.B. Easterlin, Billy Easterlin or Will Easterlin
P.O. Box 216
Montezuma, Georgia 31063
Fax: 478-472-8690

Ellis Bros. Pecans, Inc. (E, R, I, M, K, F)
Contact: Keith Ellis or Brad Ellis
1315 Tippettville Rd., Exit 109, I-75
Vienna, Georgia 31092
Fax: 229-268-7427
Toll Free: 800-635-0616

Ganas Pecan Company & Ganas Pecan Farm (R, I)
Contact: Ben Hart or Garrett Ganas
1638 Plant Ave
Waycross, GA 31503
Garrett: 912-284-9599

Genuine Georgia Group
Pecan Nation  (E, R, I, M, F)
Contact: Duke Lane III
P.O. Box 716
50 Lane Rd.
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
Fax: 478-825-0015

Global Commodities Exchange (E, I, M, O)
Contact: Matthew Bailey
207 Blythe Street 
Pelham, Ga 31779

Goodson Pecans
Contact: David Goodson
227-E Walnut Ave S
Camilla, Georgia 31730

Holland Pecan Farm LLC (R,I)
Contact: Melody Holland
479 Cecil Tyre Road
Bristol, GA 31518
Cell: 904-866-7873

Horne Pecan Company (E, R, I, M, F)
Contact: Mike Horne
1305 Southerfield Rd
Americus, GA 31719

Hudson Pecan Co. (E, R, I, M, K)
Contact: Scott Hudson
P.O. Box 527
Vo-tech Drive
Ocilla, Georgia 31774

Hunnicutt Farms Moultrie
Contact: JoBeth Hunnicutt
357 Sauls Road, Moultrie, GA

Limestone Creek Pecans (R, I, E)
South-Central Georgia

J.W. Renfroe Pecan Co. (E, I)
Contact: Geoff Hamil
P.O. Box 721
Nashville, Georgia 31639
Cell: 850-566-9169

Mascot Pecans (R, M, K, F)
Contact: Kenny Tarver or Ruth Tracy
P.O. Box 760
Hwy 3015
Glennville, Georgia 30427
Toll Free: 800-841-3985
Fax: 912-654-2618
Cell: 706-825-0748

Merritt Pecan (E, R, I, M, K, F)
Contact: Richard Merritt
P.O. Box 39
Highway 520
Weston, Georgia 31832
Fax: 229-828-2061
Toll Free: 1-800-762-9152

National Pecan Co. (E, R, I, M, K)
Contact: Steve Zaffarano
115 Griffin Houston Rd.
Poulan, Georgia 31781 

Nut Tree Pecan Co. (E, I, K)
Contact: Putt Wetherbee
P.O. Box 3650
Albany, Georgia 31706

Pearson Farm (R, I, F, M)
Contact: Al or Lawton Pearson
5575 Zenith Mill Road
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Toll-Free: 888-423-7374
Phone: 478-827-0750
Fax: 478-825-1194

PecanUSA, Inc. (E, I)
Contact: RongRong or Dan Karski 1000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Ste. 6-152
Suwanee, Georgia 30024
RongRong 678-677-2800
Dan 678-249-7881

Schermer Pecans (E, R, M, K, F)
Contact: J.W. Christiansen or Putt Wetherbee
P.O. Box 3650
Albany, Georgia 31706

Shamrock Ranch, LLC (E, R, I, F)
Contact: Trey Pippin
P. O. Box 3330
Albany, Georgia 31706

South Georgia Pecan Co. (E, R, I, M, K, F)
Contact: Jeff Worn
P.O. Box 5366
309 South Lee St.
Valdosta, Georgia 31603
Fax: 229-242-6361
Toll Free: 800-627-6630

Southern Pecan Products (R, I, M)
Contact: Danny Levie
P.O. Box 152
Montezuma, Georgia 31063

Southern Roots Nut Company (E, I, M)
Contact: Chris Harrell
2455 Entrada Del Sol
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Cell: 915-491-4219

Stone Mountain Pecan Co., Inc. (E, R, M, K, F)
Contact: Robby Coker or Chris Coker
1781 Hwy. 78 NW
Monroe, Georgia 30655
Fax: 770-207-4403

Stuckey’s Corporation (E, R, I, M)
705 South Main Street
Wrens, Georgia 30833

Sunnyland Farms, Inc. (R, I, M, K, F)
Contact: Larry Willson
P.O. Box 3730
Albany, Georgia 31706

Walking Water Farm Pecans
Contact: Asa Coody
1151 Coody Road
Eastman, GA 31023
Cell: 478-230-6390

W.G. Hamil, LLC (E, R, I)
Contact: Greg Hamil or Michael Hamil
P.O. Box 5947
Thomasville, Georgia 31758
Fax: 229-228-0022

Zorro Pecans
Contact: Robert Sanchez/Shelly Jones
P.O. Box 510
Leesburg, GA 31763

Accumulator List

Casper Pecan Company
172 Dewey McGlamry Road
Fitzgerald Ga 31750
Phone 229-426-6163

Foster Pecan Company
163 Roger Deloach DR NE
Glennville, GA 30427
We buy pecans Oct 1-December 20

Hudson Pecan Company
Scott Hudson
Cell: 229-425-1130

Jamproduct LLC
James A Martin

Merritt Pecan Company
Richard Merritt
P. O. Box 39 Hwy 520
Weston, GA 31832
Phone: 800-762-9152
Fax: 229-828-2061

Moses Pecan
Taylor Moses
575 Conner Rd, Uvalda, GA 30473
September through January
Phone: 912-293-6328

Renfroe Pecan Inshell LLC
304 East Dennis Ave
Nashville, GA 31639
Office: 229-686-2764
Geoff Hamil: 850-566-9169
Grant Hamil: 850-556-9445
Parker Hamil: 850-510-6758
Timmy Barber: 912-816-6143
We buy year-round all across the Southeast.

W.G. Hamil
Open All Year
289 Commercial Dr.
Thomasville, Ga
Phone: 229-228-9169
Kyle Barker -
Michael Hamil -
Greg Hamil -


Pecans - the only Native American tree nut - have been a tasty favorite for centuries. Pecans have a rich history that goes back hundreds of years, but recent history is redefining how people think about those delicious tree nuts. Research conducted over the past decade has confirmed that pecans can be a healthy addition to your diet. Below are summaries of landmark research studies confirming the health benefits associated with eating a diet rich in pecans.

Natural Antioxidants in Pecans

New research, published in the August 2006 issue of Nutrition Research, shows that adding just a handful of pecans to your diet each day may help inhibit unwanted oxidation of blood lipids, thus helping prevent coronary heart disease. The researchers suggest that this positive effect was in part due to the pecans’ significant content of vitamin E – a natural antioxidant. Pecans contain different forms of vitamin E, which protects blood lipids from oxidation. Oxidation of lipids in the body - a process akin to rusting – is detrimental to health. When the "bad" (LDL) cholesterol becomes oxidized, it is more likely to build up and result in clogged arteries. 

In the laboratory analysis of blood samples from the research subjects, Dr. Haddad's team found that the diets enriched with pecans significantly reduced lipid oxidation (by 7.4 percent) versus the Step I diet. Oxidation levels were evaluated using the TBARS test, which measures oxidation products. The researchers also found that blood levels of tocopherols were higher after participants were on the pecan diet. Cholesterol-adjusted plasma gamma-tocopherol in the study participants' blood samples increased by 10.1 percent (P < .001) after eating the healthy pecan diet. The researchers concluded that these data provide some evidence for potential protective effects of pecan consumption in healthy individuals. 

In addition, landmark research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (June 2004) found that pecans rank highest among all nuts and are among the top category of foods to contain the highest antioxidant capacity, meaning pecans may decrease the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

Using a method that has proven to be a good indicator of the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of foods called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), researchers measured the antioxidant capacity of nuts among 100 commonly consumed healthy foods and snacks, including different types of nuts, and determined pecans have more antioxidant capacity than walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts and cashews. Numerous other studies have also shown that phytochemicals, like those found in pecans, act like natural antioxidants and may have a protective effect against certain diseases, such as various cancers and coronary heart disease. 


Cholesterol-Lowering Pecans

Pecans also play a role in lowering cholesterol. Clinical research published in the Journal of Nutrition (September 2001) compared the Step I diet (28 percent fat), recommended by the American Heart Association for individuals with high cholesterol levels, to a pecan-enriched (40 percent fat) diet. The results showed the pecan-enriched diet lowered total cholesterol by 11.3 percent and LDL “bad” cholesterol levels by 16.5 percent – twice that of the Step I diet, without any associated weight gain. Research conducted by Dr. Ronald Eitenmiller at the University of Georgia has also confirmed that pecans contain plant sterols, which are known for their cholesterol-lowering ability. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acknowledged this and related research and approved the following qualified health claim: “Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as pecans, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Weight Control and Pecans

A review of pecan and other nut research, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (September 2003), suggests that nuts like pecans may aid in weight loss and maintenance. The review cited studies indicating that nut consumption may increase metabolic rates and enhance satiety. When used in conjunction with a healthy low-fat diet, nuts also offer increased flavor, palatability and texture that can lead to greater dietary compliance, according to the review.
A one-ounce serving of pecans (approximately 20 halves) contains 196 calories, 20.4 grams total fat (1.8 saturated fat), 0 mg cholesterol, 0 grams sodium, 2.7 grams dietary fiber and over 19 vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and zinc.

Pecans are also a good source of oleic acid, vitamin B1, thiamin, magnesium and protein.

Heart-Healthy Pecans

Nearly 60 percent of the fats in pecans are monounsaturated and another 30 percent are polyunsaturated, leaving very little saturated fat in pecans. The unsaturated fat in pecans is heart-healthy fat meeting the new Dietary Guidelines that recommend Americans keep intake between 20 and 35 percent of calories, with most fats coming from heart-healthy sources like fish, nuts and vegetable oils. In addition, pecans contain no trans fat.

Nutrient-Dense Pecans

Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals – including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, several B vitamins and zinc. One ounce of pecans provides 10 percent of the recommended Daily Value for fiber. Pecans are also a natural, high-quality source of protein that contain very few carbohydrates and no cholesterol. Pecans are also naturally sodium-free, making them an excellent choice for those on a salt- or sodium-restricted diet.

(Sources: National Pecan Shellers, USDA Agricultural Research Service {Nutritive Value of Foods})

Pecan Possibilities

Enjoy pecans in these Favorite GPGA Recipes! Click on each photo for Recipe details.

Berry Pecan Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate and Pecan Dipped Frozen Banana Pops

Mini Pecan Lemon Berry Tarts

Quinoa and Pecan Stuffed Peppers

Pecan Crusted Tilapia with Tomato Bruschetta

Farro with Pesto, Tomatoes and Pecans

"The unique mix of unsaturated fats, plant sterols, fiber and flavonoids all add up to make pecans a superfood for your heart."

- American Pecan Council

Pecan Nurseries

Georgia Pecan Nurseries

Apollo Pecan Nursery
Preston, Georgia
Contact: Tim Brown

Clough Pecan Nursery
3417 Hwy. 84 West
Blackshear, GA 31516
912-288-4895 or 1947
Contact: Chris Clough

Georgia Pecan Nursery
2207 Northwood Circle
Valdosta, Ga 31602
Contact: Judson Brannen

Law Pecan Nursery
88 Chula-Whiddon Mill Road
Chula, GA 31733
Contact: Kirk Law

Shiloh Pecan Farms
P. O. Box 306
Ray City, GA 31645
Mark Worthy: 229-300-4867
Buck Paulk: 229-300-3400
Contact: Buck Paulk

Vann Farms Pecan Nursery
8602 U.S. Highway 19
Baconton, GA 31716
Contact: Scott Vann

Florida Pecan Nurseries

Chestnut Hill Nursery
15105 NW 94th Ave.
Alachua, FL., 32615
Contact: Iain Wallace or Heather Blake

Orange Heights
Pecan Nursery
17520 NE State Route 26
Hawthorne, FL 32640

Simpson Nurseries
P. O. Box 160
52 Nacoosa Rd
Monticello, FL 32344

Southern Tree Source
98 Fox Hollow Rd
Monticello, FL 32344
Contact: Buster Corley

Alabama Pecan Nurseries

Alabama Pecan Nursery
163 Main Street
Franklin, AL 36444
Contact: Bill Oakley

Underwood Pecan Nursery
18446 Davis Road
Summerdale, AL 36580

North Carolina Pecan Nurseries

Woodard Farm & Pecan Nursery
5194 U.S. Hwy 70 East
Princeton, NC 27569

Texas Pecan Nurseries

Pecan Grove Farms and Nursery
484 Berdoll Lane
Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Womack’s Nursery
2561 State Hwy 6
DeLeon, TX 76444

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